Customer Feedback:

"The quality and speed of their work in addition to the professionalism, consultancy and expertise we have received throughout the project has been first class. We were particularly happy with the work undertaken to make sure that people could find our site on the internet. We would whole-heartedly recommend EDi to anyone."

Andy Duffin, PCET


These quotes represent the feedback EDi has received from various customers, clients and users of various projects over the last few years.
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"EDi are very professional but also approachable. We had a very positive experience regarding communication or meeting deadlines. EDi bring with them extensive experience of building websites and have provided firm guidance and consultancy when we have needed it. We have no hesitation in recommending them. "

"The completed work is to a high specification from the structure of site to overall look - with a user friendly content management system. EDi understood any changes that needed to be made and always implemented them immediately. First class service was offered throughout the project as well as beyond the website going live. I would definitely recommend EDi to anyone in the future."

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