University CMS Content Management System (School. College or University)

The EDi Content Management System (EDi CMS) is a complete web content management solution that will allow you to manage your school website, college website or University website. It allows easy editing of text, images, news, navigation and more in a very simple to use interface that anyone can use. The CMS was developed in an academic environment originally in 2006 and has gone on to be used on many successful websites, both academic and otherwise. EDi can install and support this system in any context and we provide full help documentation, support and training for the CMS.

EDi CMS - Website content management system

The EDi CMS has been developed in an academic environment and tested and developed with people in many different roles. The CMS is very simple to use, but also very powerful. The system is adaptable, so it can be applied to any web template design or easily extended to add new features and interactions.

  • For some examples of the system in action, a demonstration, pricing or any other information, please contact us for a chat.

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